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United Kingdom
Name- Kanai, Mainah

Age- 15

Sex- Female

Hair- Brown. Tied up in pigtails, with the fringe and ends of each strand dyed red.

Eyes- light brown.

School Clothing- Navy blue skirt and white and navy sailor shirt, though with a few badges on the skirt, and fingerless gloves that she refuses to take off. Always has a bit of a cheeky look on her face.

Extra Accessories- an X shaped hair clip on the left part of her hair, and a couple of braclets on her left wrist

Worn outside of school-… (Small, image)

School Background- Average student in terms of grades, however on nearly every report card every teacher will say "Need to pay more attention" Or "Able mind, and if she would stop doodling in class could achieve better grades" Gets very high grades in art though tends to annoy the art teacher because of her 'comic' style art.

History- Mainah lives with her dad after her parents split up and her mother moved to another country. Her dad isn't very rich and works hard to pay for what they need. because of this Mainah always does the shopping, cooking and cleaning when she comes home from school. She tends to do commissions of people in her comic style when she has time and made a good business of it at her last school. She also has a paper route in the morning so she's often irritable in class unless she has a lesson where the teacher doesnt notice when she's fallen asleep. She'll spend most of lunch times up in the old music classroom most people wont know about frantically doing last minute homework or sleeping.
  • Listening to: My Mikuru character CD!!!!
  • Reading: Jump man
  • Watching: Kanon
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Eating: Ice lollies
  • Drinking: orange juice

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